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The Rise in Technology & How it Helps Facilitate Your Fitness Goals

Updated: Apr 24

Technology has come such a long way since I was a child. From dial-up internet to AOL instant messenger, the TomTom GPS, and Nokia cell phones (the big blocky ones, the size of a brick); we millennials have seen quite a transformation in the technological empire. Sure, there are some issues that widespread access to technology and information has caused, such as the need for our kids to have screen time restrictions now, and a little more coercing to enjoy the beauty of nature, however, there are some great benefits to gain from these advancements.

Let's discuss some of the ways that these advancements in technology can help facilitate reaching your fitness goals. The first thing is the wide access to information on the internet. You can type almost anything into a search engine, or if you are like my son Bryce, you can speak your questions to Siri so you don't have to type (haha); and like magic, you will get a wide variety of information right at the tip of your fingers. So, if you want to know the best leg exercises for building your quads, you can type that into a Google search engine and it will come back with the answers. Before we would have to go into the library to do our research, and now there is the largest library of information right at the convenience of your desktop or smartphone. Just be careful not to search up too many of your health symptoms on the internet or you'll likely find out you are terminal. Those of you who know what I'm talking about probably smiled reading this. You can search for the nearest gym to your address, review their ratings, and look at facility photos all from home.

Search engines are super powerful, and now with integrated AI it is just getting more and more advanced. While we are still waiting for SkyNet to take over, we can humbly appreciate another amazing way that technology can help with our fitness goals. Videos!!! With sites like YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., we also have access to a visual library of how to perform a multitude of exercises as well as visual inspiration to help us get to our physical fitness goals. Never tried CrossFit before, and you want to see what a dumbbell thruster looks like, YouTube it! Your results will yield a multitude of how-to videos, with many from the CrossFit foundation itself. You have access to millions of trainer videos and inspiration at your fingertips.

Another amazing feature now with so much of our population having access to smart devices is apps. Apps or applications can provide you access to a trainer or training program right at the convenience of your cellular device! Maybe you really want to kickstart your fitness journey, but you still don't know where to begin, and you are hesitant to reach out to a trainer at your local fitness facility, Now you can download a fitness app. There are so many fitness applications now that provide guidance on your fitness journey as well as the accountability of checking in on the app itself. Trainerize is a great example. You can find a trainer affiliated with the Trainerize app and they can program your workouts for you, giving you complete guidance, direct messaging, videos, and nutritional advice all from your smartphone! Also, just in the realm of nutrition, there are so many nutritional tracking applications, that you can also use to reach your weight goals. Some of these apps have gotten so advanced, that you can even scan the barcodes of the foods that you have in your pantry, and get all the all the macronutrient information on each of those items. MyFitnessPal is one great example of a nutritional tracking application. Do you want to find out where the best hiking spots are in your area, there's an app for that! Do you want to meet others in your area who love to run as much as you do, there is an app for that!

Technology can be a powerful tool and facilitating our fitness goals. Our trainers at BK Health and Fitness can get you started with a seamless integration into a fitness program through the Trainerize App. Get started with us today at You have all the power at the tip of your fingers! Will you use it?

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